Discord Is Opening the Monetization Floodgates | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Discord is introducing new ways to generate revenue, including server subscriptions, tiered subscriptions, and the ability for server owners to sell digital products. This move has raised concerns among some users who feel that Discord is becoming less welcoming and more like the paywalled internet it was once an escape from. PC Gamer reports: “To date, we’ve paid out millions of dollars to thousands of creators and communities, and we’re seeing more creators and communities earning on their Discord servers every day,” wrote product manager Derek Yang in a blog post published today. “…Today, we’re excited to share new tools that help you get started earning money faster.”

The nickel-and-dime-ification of Discord servers begins this week with “media channels,” a new type of channel (currently in beta) designed to host subscriber-only content, including, for instance, “exclusive memes and wallpapers.” You could see an art creator using this Discord feature to post subscriber-only illustrations, as many comic creators and other illustrators already use Patreon to do.

Not a bad deal for creators, but that’s only the start of the new revenue streams Discord, who currently takes a 10% cut of server subscriptions, plans to implement. Here’s a full list of what the free (now with three asterisks) chat app has in the works:

– Tier Templates: Formalized subscription tiers with prices set by Discord ($3.99, $4.99, $7.99, and $9.99)
– Downloadables: One-time purchasable digital products or subscriptions sold by server owners, which will be accessed via …
– Server Shops: “A single home for server owners to sell Server Subscriptions, Downloadables and Premium Roles”

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