Discovering Computers

With this course, Discovering Computers, no experience with a computer is assumed, and no mathematics beyond the high school freshman level is required.

The objectives of this book are:

  • To provide a concise introduction to computers
  • To present the most up-to-date technology in an ever-changing discipline
  • To teach the fundamentals of computers and computer nomenclature, particularly with respect to personal computers, software, and the web
  • To present strategies for purchasing a desktop computer, notebook computer, smart phone, portable media player, and digital camera
  • To offer an introduction to the following Microsoft products: Windows 8, Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Excel 2013, and Access 2013
  • To expose students to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool
  • To acquaint students with the proper procedures to use a computer, interact with the web, and create documents, presentations, worksheets, and databases suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use
  • To help students discover the underlying functionality of Microsoft Office 2013 so that they can become more productive
  • To develop an exercise-oriented approach that allows learning by doing
  • To offer alternative learning techniques and reinforcement via the web

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Course Discussion
Learning Computers Basics For Beginners – Part 1
Learning Computers Basics For Beginners – Part 2
Chapter 1- Digital Foot Print
Digital Foot Print
Chapter 2 – The Internet
How The Internet Works
The Internet
Chapter 3 – Computers and Mobile Devices
Networking For Beginners
Computers and Mobile Devices
Chapter 4 – Programs and Apps
Programs and Apps
Chapter 5 – Digital Safety and Security
Why Common Sense Is The Best Security
Digital Safety and Security
Understanding Malware And Viruses
How You Should Use Passwords


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