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Dispute between inmates at rehabilitation centre; man arrested for hacking middle-aged man with machete  – KERALA – CRIME | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

KOZHIKODE: A middle age man suffered injuries after being hacked following an argument between two inmates of Udayam Home, a rehabilitation centre for the homeless. The incident took place in Chevayoor in Kozhikode. The man named Babu was hacked by Saludheen, another inmate of the rehabilitation centre.

According to the police, both Babu and Saludheen got involved in a dispute at the rehabilitation centre. Following this, Saludheen went out to work. Babu also followed. The two again engaged in a verbal argument in the alley. Following this, Saludheen took the machete he was carrying for work and hacked Babu. It is reported that Babu suffered six cuts on his body. Soon, the police arrived at the spot and took Saludheen into custody. Babu is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The police registered a case of attempted murder against Saludheen.


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