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The Carpinteria Unified School District (CUSD) is participating in the Santa Barbara County Safe Schools Coalition, working with county school districts, law enforcement and first responders in adopting a common framework for school safety. 

School districts will move forward with the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) K12 (the “I Love U Guys” Foundation) – an organization dedicated to working with local groups to improve school safety – which was strongly endorsed by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff and the Santa Barbara Police Department, and is currently used in many districts in the county. 

CUSD Leadership Team will receive training in SRP this summer to prepare for fall staff training. The SRP will replace CUSD’s current Hour Zero emergency protocol.



I would like to recognize our summer school teachers and staff who have provided summer school classes for our elementary and secondary students this past month. 


2023-24 State Budget 

On June 30, the governor and legislature reached agreement for the 23-24 State Budget with a package of trailer bills. Senate Bill 114 included the following for education: provide the statutory 8.22% LCFF COLA; create the “LCFF Equity Multiplier”; reduce the Arts, Music, and Instructional Materials Discretionary Block Grant from $3.48 billion to $3.28 billion; and reduce Learning Recovery Emergency Block Grant funds by $1.1 billion, with the intent to restore $378.65 million in 25-26 to 27-28. 

As the 2023-24 State Budget is finalized in the next few weeks, the effects on CUSD will be better understood.


Measure U

Measure U summer projects are making good progress. The Main School roof and skylight replacement is underway and the building is being primed for final paint. The Canalino Elementary School sewer project is progressing at nearly half complete with a minor delay due to ground water in a portion of the front campus trenching. 

The Summerland Elementary School new monkey bars have been installed and the rubber panels will be laid next week. The Summerland play field has been replaced with beautiful green sod. The Summerland tennis courts are progressing after an unexpected delay due to Santa Barbara County soil and compaction requirements. Retaining walls and sidewalk curbs have been installed with the sidewalks following in the next week.



Diana Rigby is the superintendent of Carpinteria Unified School District. For more information about CUSD, log on to, or contact Diana at [email protected] or (805) 684-4511×222.

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