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DIY An Easy Headboard With This Genius Seating Cushion Hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

If you don’t have dining room chair pillows to turn into a headboard or want another option, you’ll likely want to check out an idea from TikTok user @mygrandparentschair. Sharing a video that includes using a curtain rod in the same way as above, you want to add it to your wall while leaving just enough room for the pillow you’ll use. In this case, that latter item is a little different, and you’ll only need one.

Instead of using two, three, or four smaller pillows, you can pick up a single Darvin pillow from Wayfair or one similar, like the Henegar Poly Chenille Lounge Floor Pillow Cushion. Rather long and rectangular in shape, it might be all that you need to create the plush part of your new headboard. However, before hanging it up, you’ll need to make a minor adjustment. Because this pillow doesn’t come with ties, you’ll want to add some. You can do this by grabbing pieces of whatever material suits your taste, and after cutting small holes in the pillow’s side seam on either end, insert the fabric while it’s folded over so that it creates a loop. Sew the holes up while keeping the material in place. Finally, slip the loops onto the curtain rod, pop it on your wall, and you’re done. You now have a cool, new headboard that you made to suit your space.


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