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  • DKoldies has seemingly been hacked with the hacker exposing the company’s massive profit margins.
  • Despite criticism for high markups, DKoldies remains popular for those buying retro games and consoles.
  • Some customers report some items arriving in poor condition, but the site offers 30-day return policy for unsatisfactory products.

DKoldies, an online marketplace that sells a wide range of retro consoles, games, and accessories, was recently hacked. The cyberattacker temporarily gained access to the NES seller’s database and highlighted its massive profit margins.

DKoldies has often been a target of criticism due to its high prices. Despite this, it’s managed to thrive since its launch over 19 years ago, largely due to its massive offering of products across the Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. At the time of writing, users can buy items like a Mario Zelda N64 bundle for $250 or an original Xbox for $140. It seems that one frustrated customer decided to take matters into their own hands.


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Twitter user Quest64Official posted a screenshot of a message that the hacker displayed on DKoldies’ site before it was removed. The message begins with insults towards the site, calling it a scam. It then displays text from DKoldies’ inventory database, which shows the site’s profit margin for one product in particular, Phantasy Star Portable for the PSP. Apparently, DKoldies acquired copies of the game for an average cost of $7.12 before listing it on their site for $43.99, which is a markup of over 600%. While this is unfortunately a somewhat common practice among resellers of limited or antique products, the hacker’s message has given frustrated fans more reason to criticize the website.

Website of Retro Games Reseller Breached by Hacker

Customers can partially view this information on DKoldies’ “Sell Video Games” page, which shows prospective sellers how much they’ll be paid for selling their products to the company. Other PSP games like Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 are also listed for $7, so it seems this page is accurate. Despite the high markups, the site has remained popular over the years, with rapper Lil Yachty buying a collection of retro games in 2022.

Fans willing to brave DKoldies’ high prices can buy used, physical copies of some of the best 90s games, with titles like Metal Gear Solid ($55), Final Fantasy 7 ($36), and Super Mario World ($25) in stock at the time of writing. DKoldies offers a 30-day return window for unsatisfactory products, although customers need to pay for shipping on returns.

Retro gamers can also buy some of the industry’s most legendary consoles, such as the Atari 2600 ($85), NES ($95), Sega Genesis ($80), PlayStation 1 ($115), and original Xbox ($140). However, readers should note that these prices are subject to change.


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