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Ah yes, the all-important online dating bio.

26. Dog lover. Family and friends. Something about being an introvert.

Oh, and be sure to add ‘sapiosexual’. You have to point this out because apparently if you don’t, people will think you find being an idiot attractive.

Those who have dabbled in Tinder, or any of the other dating apps out there, will have seen countless variations of the standard dating bio, but in the US, there’s now another important detail.

This via Mashable:

Now that all adults in the U.S. are eligible for the COVID vaccine, proclaiming your vax status on dating apps has become almost as commonplace as men posing with a large fish or Pams yearning for their Jims.

Look at this fish I caught. Rest assured I can provide for us should we ever need to return to a hunter-gatherer style existence.

Also, will you be my Pam?

Mashable has been running a post-pandemic dating survey, and the responses offer some insight into how important the issue of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated really is.

For the most part, whether someone deemed it important for a date to be vaccinated correlated with whether they themselves were or planned to be. For example, people that were already vaccinated overwhelmingly (64 percent) said it was somewhat or very important for a potential partner to be as well…

Meanwhile, 57 percent of the folks in our survey that don’t plan on getting the vaccine said it’s not at all important if a potential match does.

There are some outliers, though, with 5% of respondents who said they don’t plan on getting the vaccine saying it was “very important” for a potential partner to do so.

Perhaps they’re hoping for some kind of secondary, contact protection, or they may have underlying health issues like being immunocompromised, which could prevent them from getting vaccinated.

Either way, that’s some disconnect.

While a date’s vaccine status mattered to the majority of vaccinated and soon-to-be vaccinated respondents (59 percent and 64 percent said it is either somewhat or very important, respectively), that means that the rest of those respondents are more flexible. Some people don’t want their own status or their partner’s status to be a barrier to dating…

Unless you’re dabbling in the over-60 dating pool, this isn’t an issue South African dating app users will have to worry about for a while to come.

Very much a first world problem.

You can read the full Mashable survey results here.


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