How Donald Trump is handling cybersecurity concerns

What is Donald Trump’s cybersecurity team up to? Robert Jorgensen from Utah Valley University joined Good Morning Utah with details. In early January, Trump stated a report on hacking and cybersecurity would be out in 90 days. but Jorgensen says that is not the case.

“Trump made several statements about cybersecurity back on January 6th, saying he would take action on cybersecurity quickly. The 90th day of his presidency came and went last week, but we haven’t heard anything. As we approach the 100th day of his presidency, cybersecurity, along with a lot of other things, remains a large question mark,” he explained.

The administration has Rudy Giuliani to lead the task force, but there hasn’t been much on that front. There have been some reports that the task force is starting to reach out to businesses, but the head of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, said last month that no one has contacted them.

“At the same time, key leadership positions, such as the Federal Chief Information Security Officer, remain unfilled. It is just one of hundreds of federal appointments yet to be named. It is very difficult to determine the direction the administration plans without anyone in these posts,” said Jorgensen.

Jorgensen says he is worried that if the administration continues to ignore it, it will get lost in the shuffle of all the other things that are in flux right now. In light of the recent releases from Wikileaks revealing supposed CIA and NSA tools to the world, this is a critical time to show our resolve that American’s systems will be protected.


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