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Don’t Fall Victim to Cybercrime & Scams in 2024 – Steps For Safety l Dr Pavan Duggal l TBI Show-Ep 2 | #cybercrime | #infosec

In 2024 alone, India has lost Rs 7061.5 crore to cybercrime. We are facing a huge cybercrime problem and the criminals are only getting bolder.

With increasing connectivity, we all must learn to be vigilant and aware of cyber threats that can affect privacy, finances, and personal safety.

Join Dr. Pavan Duggal, a renowned CyberSecurity expert, as he delves into the intricate world of cybercrime, covering everything you need to know to stay safe online.

From common threats to preventive measures, this comprehensive explanation will equip you & your family with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape securely. Don’t miss out on this important discussion on cybercrime with Dr. Pavan Duggal!

Stay informed, stay protected.

In this conversation with we touch upon
00:00 – Episode intro
02:42 – Dr Pavan’s career in cyber security
07:06 – Cyber security importance and status in India
09:40 – Indias Vomiting Revolution and Recording Revolution Cyber Security Threats
14:10 – Data-driven cyberattacks cost victims millions
19:12 – Identifying common scams like FedEx scam & offering help for vulnerable
21:50 – Cybercriminals put vulnerable elderly in mortal fear
23:01- Solutions to ensure safety for elders
25:48 – Real life cybercrime case- AI to kidnapping
28:13 – Cybercrime and AI threats- Deterrence, prevention, enforcement
30:34 – India became the 12th nation to come up with cyber law
31:37 – Indias IT Act inadequate for cyber crimes
35:52 – Giving Aadhaar to vendor for SIM card misuse
37:22: Cottage industrialisation of cyber-crime
40:50 – Step by step guide for cybercrime victims in India
42:04 – Indias new cybercrime reporting portal,
44:37 – Signs & signals of potential cybercrime
47:00 – Phishing and cyber safety tips for consumers
49: 02 – Healthy & safe internet use for children and youth
51:18: Parent’s responsibility towards social media use
53:51 – Cyberbullying impact on young peoples lives- Real case
01:01:32 – Childhood addiction to screens
01:02:11 – Protecting children from internet dangers
01:07:51 – Security tips for smartphone use
01:09:27 – Need to change mindset change in India, avoid small greed
01:13:24 – Personal hygiene in cyberspace Internet never sleeps
01:15:00 – Strict anti-encryption laws in Australia
01:16:27 – App selection for secure communication
01:17:42 – Business owners data security in India
01:20:43 – Indias Information Technology Act protects businesses from cyber attacks

About Dr Pavan Duggal
Dr. Pavan Duggal is a globally renowned cybersecurity expert. He has been named amongst the top 4 cybersecurity lawyers in the world by Google Bard. Dr Duggal has dedicated decades of work to shaping the landscape of internet laws and policies. As the Founder & Chairman of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law and President of Cyberlaws.Net, he has been at the forefront of establishing legal frameworks to protect individuals and organizations in the digital age.

Resources mentioned
-National Cyber Crime Helpline: 1930
-National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal:cybercrime.gov.in
Cyberlaw University: cyberlawuniversity.com
-Laws and Regulations:
Information Technology Act, 2000: India’s primary law for promoting e-commerce and addressing cybercrime.
Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023: A new law aimed at protecting personal data with strict penalties for non-compliance.

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