Douglas County Sheriff’s work to enforce traffic safety around school buses | #schoolsaftey

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – School is out and so are the bus stop arms on Burt Street next to the Omaha Public Schools Career Center.

But a camera setup along the street captures several drivers speeding right past the extended signs with flashing lights they don’t seem to notice.

With cars stopped in the middle of the street, another driver doesn’t take the hint and rolls past a bus stop sign.

On two separate days when OPS Career Center students board buses, 6 News recorded five drivers violating the law, not just driving through one, but seven flashing stop arms.

“A school bus stop sign is considered by the legislature to be the highest offense for a traffic infraction,” Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Incontro said. “It’s a $500 citation.”

An expensive message the Douglas County Sheriff’s Community Action Team has been sending to drivers who ignore the flashing stop signs on school buses.

Deputies say it’s important to enforce the stop signs for safety’s sake because there are several parking lots located across the street. When classes get out, students and adults often cross between the buses.

Though some look for vehicles just in case, most expect the flashing school bus stop signs will protect them from passing traffic.

“This is also one where we probably have the highest number of complaints from the bus drivers, school administration, and the students,” said Sgt. Joe Martinec with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Patrol.

When deputies can’t be here to enforce the law, the students and staff must watch out for the driver who doesn’t seem to care that the stop arms are extending safety.

The Community Action Team has jurisdiction outside and inside the city limits. For this enforcement next to the OPS Career Center, they cited five drivers who failed to stop when the bus stop arms were extended.

The team works with all school districts across Douglas County to identify other locations with the same issue.

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