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The Southeast Health District of the Georgia Department of Public Health recently launched the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program. Services include free car seat checks and child passenger safety classes, as well as car seats for eligible families. Tamaya Browder, Access Coordinator for the Bulloch County Health Department, answered all of our questions about this new, invaluable program in our community. 

How did this program come to be? What was the motivation for starting this program?

  • The Child Occupant Safety Project is a program under the Georgia Department of Public Health that is devoted to ensuring the safety of child passengers. The Bulloch County Health Department (as part of the Southeast Health District) is an active partner in the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program. This program was active in the past and recently relaunched to ensure that children and families in Bulloch County have the necessary information and resources to travel safely. Car seats offer the best protection for children in the event of an accident, and they are most effective when installed and used correctly. We understand that installing and using a car seat can be complicated, and we want caregivers to have the skills and knowledge to be able to properly use a car seat or seat belt to prevent injury to child passengers in case of an accident. 

  • Services offered through this program are car seat checks, child passenger safety classes, and car seats for eligible families. Completion of a child passenger safety class is required to receive a car seat through this program. These services are available at no cost to Bulloch County residents. 

Can you elaborate on the child safety classes you offer? What kinds of topics are covered? Is it just about car safety or are other safety topics included?

  • The child passenger safety classes offered through the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program are facilitated by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and cover a variety of child passenger safety topics. These include Georgia child passenger safety laws, best practices and guidelines, the importance of car seats and seat belts, parts of car seats and different car seat types, and steps for safe car seat installation and seat belt use. Class participants learn this information and gain hands-on practice in applying their knowledge to install and use car seats and seat belts for child passengers. 

How often do you run classes?

  • Child passenger safety classes are currently available by appointment through the Bulloch County Health Department. Please call 1(855) 473-4374 for more information. 

Do residents need to register in advance?

  • Families that are interested in the services offered by the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program are encouraged to call in advance at 1(855) 473-4374. 

Please describe the car seat checks you conduct. How did the DPH become involved, as this is often handled by local fire departments? 

  • During car seat checks conducted by the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program, a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician assists caregivers with essential aspects of safely transporting their child passengers. The technician works with caregivers to ensure that child passengers are transported in a manner that is appropriate for their age, weight, height, and maturity. This includes car seat selection or transition to a seat belt if appropriate, choosing the most appropriate location for child passengers in the vehicle, ensuring that car seats are installed according to the car seat and vehicle manufacturers instructions, and that child passengers are safely secured into their car seat or seat belt.

  • Child safety seat initiatives exist in 143 counties in the state through the following agencies: health departments, hospitals, emergency medical services, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and Safe Kids coalitions. Through these agencies, eligible individuals can receive equipment and proper education for all ages. As a local partner, the Bulloch County Health Department receives support from the Child Occupant Safety Project to serve families in Bulloch County.  

How can families apply for car seat assistance if they do not have the means to secure one?

  • Car seats are available at no cost to eligible Bulloch County families through the Bulloch County Child Passenger Safety Program. Families that are interested in receiving a car seat can call 1(855) 473-4374.

Where can families seek additional information and resources? 

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