Drivers are just realizing the genius ‘duct tape trick’ that can rescue your keys from inside your locked car | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

DUCT tape can save you in a pinch if something or someone becomes locked inside your car and you don’t have access to your key.

The duct tape trick allows you to get a grip on the window of your car to get it open when there is nothing else around.

Simply putting duct tape on your window in a rectangular design helps you get a grip on the window to open it without a keyCredit: Tiktok/littlemissneyney
The duct tape rectangle gets a grip on the window while the middle piece of tape is used to pull it downCredit: Tiktok/littlemissneyney

This is due to the extra stickiness of the duct tape.

The duct tape trick was demonstrated in a video posted to TikTok.

“Super handy hack for if you’ve locked your keys in your car or if your kids locked in the car,” TikTok creator Little Miss Ney Ney (@littlemissneyney) said in a video.

Ney Ney noted the trick is especially good to keep in mind for child safety if your kid gets locked inside.

Here is a breakdown of how to implement the duct tape trick, per the video.

First: “You just get some really good tape and create a rectangle on the window.”

Second: “Then you put one down through the middle kind of sideways.

Third: “You make that one really long and at the end, you twist it all the way around.

Fourth: “And then you pull down and the window will slide down.”

NeyNey explained that the duct tape trick can save you money from hiring a professional to unlock your car or getting a tow truck if your keys are locked inside.

“So, you don’t have to waste money on a tow truck. You can get your kid or whatever it is that’s inside out right away.”

People took to the comments with their different thoughts on the duct tape trick.

One person insisted she will now always carry tape on her and said: “Me carrying a roll of duct tape in my purse from now on.”

While another person was skeptical and felt this informed criminals on how to get inside and said: “And this is how people learn to break into cars.”

Locking something in your car can be a true accident and it is good to be aware of techniques to consider if there are no other options.

The last step of the duct tape trick is to twist the middle piece of tape for additional gripCredit: Tiktok/littlemissneyney


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