DSCA Critical Infrastructure Protection Desk Officer


Job Description:

Provide support and assistance to the National Guard Bureau (NGB) for planning, coordinating, training, and integrating all aspects of the National Guard (NG) Homeland Defense Domestic Operations initiatives and programs including the Critical Infrastructure Program (CIP)-Mission Assurance Program (MAA) and cyber. Provide administrative, professional, and technical support required to facilitate the overall objectives of the Domestic Operations Directorate.  Also performs the following:

Alerts and provides executive summaries, briefings and other products to assigned leadership in order to maintain situational awareness of CIP events with a NG nexus.

Supports administrative functions within the office of the NG-J34 as requested

Coordinates and supports NGB, DHS, and other related assessment initiatives/processes.

Assesses contingency and disaster recovery plans and assess interdependent CIP related systems. Provide recommendations to address identified gaps during analysis of plans.

Develops and shares situational awareness of NG operations with NGB, and its’ partners

Maintains and provides situational awareness of NG Defense Support to Civilian Authorities related CIP events, intelligence, and policy activities. Identifies NG equities, and shares focused reports with NG stakeholders. Identifies situations requiring action and facilitates coordinated NGB and NG response.

Identifies and shares recommended best practices and training standards between state NG and federal partners as needed.

Represents the NG-J34 Mission Assurance branch in exercise development. Facilitate Army National Guard and Air National Guard staff support and state participation.

Interfaces with all levels of government, military and civilian.

Must possess and maintain a TOP SECRET security level clearance.

This contract requires travel. Employees must comply with the government and corporate requirements for travel and obtain all required pre-approvals for travel.

Salary is based upon experience – Annual salary range is $90,000.00-$120,000.00

Travel / Transportation from domicile to place of duty is not provided or reimbursed.




Required Skills

The candidate must possess the following:

A Bachelor’s Degree or 4 year’s direct experience preforming Critical Infrastructure Protection, mission assurance, or target intelligence duties

Experience with the National Guard

The ability to develop briefings and present information to senior and executive level personnel

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Proficiency in computer skills (power point, word and excel)

A top secret security clearance and maintain it

Experience in applying advanced analysis methods, principles, concepts, standards, and practices in order to interpret policies, procedures and strategies.

Ability to recommend solutions to highly complex CIP related issues.

Knowledge of systems interdependencies, security operations, techniques, tools, and standards.

Ability to analyze, plan, and integrate information assurance and security guidelines and policies.

Specialized training in CIP sectors and concepts is preferred.

Job LocationArlington, Virginia, United StatesPosition TypeFull-Time/Regular



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