Dubai Police go 007, fight crime with hi-tech gadgets

Dubai — Sophisticated cameras to monitor wanted criminals, a ‘smart’ patrol bike installed with radars and an advanced tracking system, and a computer programme that analyses crime and identifies areas prone to serious crimes. Sounds like 007 gadgetry? Well, these are only some of the technologically advanced tools that the Dubai Police are planning to launch to enhance security in the emirate.

Sophisticated cameras will help police direct patrols to crime sites, while the smart bike equipped with 4G technology will be linked to the operations room.

Information on areas prone to serious crimes, along with the names of on-duty officers, will be available at the click of a button.

According to Brigadier Omar Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of Operations Room, sophisticated cameras used by the police helped foil crimes before they were even reported.

Brigadier Kamel Butti Al Suwaidi, Director of the General Directorate of Operations, said: “In response to the government announcing 2015 as the year for innovation and creativity, the Operations Room of the Dubai Police started identifying a slew of technologically advanced projects. Most of these projects are scheduled to be launched over the next year.”

Artificial eyes

One project, he said, is an intelligent electronic system to monitor stolen vehicles using a set of highly sophisticated cameras.

Once a stolen car is spotted by any of the cameras, the system will issue a warning signal. About 70 cameras to be used in the project are ready and the locations to place them will be determined in coordination with the General Department of Criminal Investigation and the traffic police.

In another project, a traffic system will be put in place in which traffic cameras can identify drivers who do not adhere to lane discipline. Brig Al Suwaidi said the police have placed 30 cameras in different areas where this practice is rampant.

These cameras analyse images, identify offenders, store car plate numbers and issue tickets.

Smart bike

Brig Al Suwaidi said smart patrol bikes that are being developed allow transferring information from the field directly to the operations room. Additionally, the bike has a tracking system which lets the patrol officer know if the vehicle ahead of him is a wanted one.

Crime analysis

A smart programme will help police identify trouble areas, by making calculations based on available data and statistics.

The system will help the police identify types and causes of crime in different areas, which in turn will help reduce its occurrence.

Video camera cards

The police have distributed 100 video cameras shaped like cards among police officers, which will be used on a trial basis.

These minicameras will be placed on the clothes of police officers and can record arrest procedures. The minicameras are meant to be a tool to document events and ensure transparency in police work, said Brig Al Suwaidi.

Source: Khaleej Times


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