Duneland Y CEO foils hacker fraud attempt

Chesterton Police are investigating an attempt to defraud the Duneland Family YMCA by someone who appears to have hacked the e-mail account of the organization’s chief.

According to police, at 1:34 p.m. Monday CEO and Executive Director Dave Kasarda reported that he had just narrowly prevented an unknown person from using his e-mail account to wire $11,250 to a Bank of America branch in Houston, Texas.

Kasarda gave this account of the incident.

Earlier, Kasarda had received a call from 1st Source Bank seeking authorization for a wire-transfer of funds to the Houston bank. Kasarda gave that authorization, thinking that the transfer was being requested in connection with a previously approved purchase of new gym equipment. “A few seconds later,” after re-thinking it, Kasarda called 1st Source Bank and canceled the transaction, police said, “because he wanted to check on the validity of funds transfer first.”

He did and determined it to be fraudulent.

Kasarda’s next move was to speak to the Duneland Y’s chief financial officer, who provided him a string of e-mails “showing that someone e-mailed her (that morning) using his e-mail account,” police said. But as Kasarda was able to show the investigating officer, the out- and in-boxes of his e-mail account on his own computer had “no messages pertaining” to the transfer request, police said.

“It appears that someone was able to gain access to his e-mail account and send and receive e-mails without Mr. Kasarda’s being able to see the actions,” police said.

As of the time of his report, the investigating officer had not yet succeeded in speaking with a representative of the Bank of America branch in Houston.

The Duneland Y incurred no monetary loss.

Source: http://www.chestertontribune.com/PoliceFireEmergency/duneland_y_ceo_foils_hacker_frau.htm

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