Dynamic Computer Forensic Examiner

Parsons Corporation  Columbia, MD

Are you a stellar forensics analyst looking for an opportunity to both showcase and hone your skills? If so, then we should get together so we can explain how you can both improve your quality of life and increase the impact you’re having on the world today! 

We’re looking for someone to work directly in an operations organization as part of a forensic analysis team to help execute their forensics mission. They want to remain on the cutting edge and you can ensure they’ll do that. You’ll analyze drives, memory and systems of real-world importance in areas to include digital forensics, incident response, and hunting activities. You’ll also provide guidance and expertise to the design, implementations, and evaluation of cyber tools and capabilities, and cyber analytical support for information assurance. You’ll help to improve the improve examinations with your advanced forensic skillset. Do you want to catch the bad guys? Your results will have a defined impact in hard drive analysis, smart devices and cell phones, thumb drives, CDs and DvD analysis, and the analysis of recording devices. 

Experience in computer forensics. 


Bachelor’s Degree in CS (or a related field) or 6-9 years of related experience 
Experience in computer forensics with GCFA or EnCase certification preferred 
Experience with forensic tool evaluations 
The ability and desire to use a wide-variety of commercial and open-source forensic tools such as EnCase, FTK and Sleuthkit to analyze hard drives in live and dead states and develop detailed reports based on the findings 
The ability and comfort to perform operations from the command line 
The ability to gather details from the file system, artifacts, and Registry or kernel of a Windows or Linux system 
Effective written and oral communication skills 
Provide findings reports and recommendations based on investigations findings 
Prepare reports and documents case details, developments and outcome 
A desire to help improve the security of our nation


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