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Calvi’s Stand Against a €10 Million Ransomware Attack: A Tale of Digital Resilience

On a seemingly ordinary Saturday, the tranquil Spanish city of Calvi, nestled in the heart of Majorca, found itself in the throes of a ruthless ransomware cyberattack. A demand of 10 million euros echoed through the city’s digital corridors, threatening to paralyze its vital systems. Yet, despite the chaos, the Calvi City Council’s website remains a beacon of resilience, continuously providing updates on the city’s relentless efforts to restore normalcy.

Resisting Ransom Demands

Standing firm against the digital marauders, Mayor Juan Antonio Amengual publicly declared an unwavering refusal to acquiesce to the ransom demand. A testament to the city’s resolve, he affirmed that the city was rallying its forces, collaborating with experts and other institutions to counter the cyber onslaught. In the face of adversity, the City Council continues to function, albeit at a diminished pace, demonstrating the indomitable spirit of its leadership and citizens.

Collaboration with Spanish Civil Guard

The Spanish Civil Guard’s Telematic Crimes Group has joined the city’s cyber defense, offering their expertise in navigating the digital battlefield. This collaborative effort underscores the severity of the situation and the collective commitment to defending the city’s digital sovereignty.

Global Cybersecurity Threats

Tragically, Calvi’s ordeal is not an isolated incident, but part of a broader, disturbing trend of cybersecurity threats plaguing nations worldwide. Ukraine and the United States, too, have found themselves in the crosshairs of significant hacking attempts. Ukraine’s largest telecommunications company, Kiyvstar, and a major bank, Monobank, recently fell prey to cyber predators, risking a communications blackout for millions. In the US, tech giants Sony and Open-AI grappled with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and hacking attempts throughout 2023. Open-AI, famed creator of ChatGPT, reported outages due to abnormal traffic in November, while Sony’s Insomniac Games faced a 50 Bitcoin ransom demand in December, leading to the release of sensitive information when the company courageously refused to pay.

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