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Eagle Flight Academy is not closing its doors, contrary to a post that appeared on the company’s Facebook page late Wednesday night, Owner JR Voyles confirmed to Owensboro Times Thursday morning.

Voyles said he learned his Facebook had been hacked and someone posted a “malicious” attack on the page.

“The decision to close has not been made yet. That is false news and I am attempting to find out who in fact made that statement and published it on my [Facebook page],” Voyles said.

Voyles said he learned of the false post roughly at 9:30 a.m.

“That is a malicious attack to my [Facebook], and if you can find out anything about who did that, I’d appreciate knowing it,” Voyles said.

Other outlets in the area reported the closure based on the Facebook post; however, Voyles confirmed he did not make that post. This OT story was also initially based only on the Facebook post, but was taken down within 10 minutes of publication in order to be updated with accurate information upon speaking with Voyles.

He has not filed a police report at this time.

Voyles did say he intends to sell the business but not close the business.

The Eagle Flight Academy are currently being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration following the crash of one of their planes that resulted in the death of a student and instructor.

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