Earn Money By Liking Videos – whatsapp job Scams..!!

Police have received several thousand complaints about whatsapp job frauds using foreign phone numbers.
India is seeing an increase in whatsapp employment scams as con artists can simply target individuals and con them out of money. The young people of the nation is particularly targeted by these phoney employment offers and whatsapp scams since they are searching for career advancement and job opportunities. According to a recent survey by Hirect, using a chat-based direct hiring platform, 56% of indian job searchers experience job frauds while looking for work. The survey claims that job searchers between the ages of 20 and 29 were the main targets of con artists. These scammers operate in a straightforward manner: they entice young people to pay money up front by promising them jobs with huge incomes.
Other “job offers” take advantage of these young people by forcing them to labour for free online, whilst some employment organisations only charge money in exchange for giving them references and practical training.
Scammers use whatsapp links to advertise jobs before pleading with you to click. The victims are initially paid a little sum to gain their trust, but ultimately they lose both money and data.