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Former East 17 star Brian Harvey reportedly interrupted a live BBC broadcast today, while protesting outside Prince Harry’s ongoing phone-hacking trial.

The singer was spotted with a placard outside London’s High Court today (Wednesday June 7), where he is said to have shouted loudly at the Duke Of Sussex as he arrived, Yahoo reports.

BBC news correspondent Joe Inwood tweeted that the 48-year-old “disrupted” a live broadcast”, adding: “No wonder I lost my train of thought!”

Prince Harry is currently locked in a trial against Mirror Group Newspapers, claiming that they unlawfully gathered information about him – alleging that MGN employed hacked his phones and those of his associates and hired private investigators to illegally “blag” his confidential information. MGN have denied all allegations made by the Duke Of Sussex, insisting that some of the stories were sourced from within the royal households.

Harvey was protesting outside the court about his own war with tabloids against tabloids,    with the ‘Stay Another Day’ star seen holding an enlarged copy of an email from a News Of The World journalist to the police, regarding transcripts obtained conversations between the singer and an alleged drug dealer in 2002. Others reported that Harvey was yelling to the Prince that he could “help” him with his case if he were to leave his barrister.

He has been regularly outspoken about his battles against newspapers on his Youtube channel.

In 2021, Harvey livestreamed the moment police came to his house to arrest him – filming the officers for hours of footage as they came to take him for questioning about “malicious communications”.


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