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East Africa Cloud and Cybersecurity Roadshow Shines Light on Emerging Tech Trends | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The dynamic world of cloud computing and cybersecurity took center stage in Kampala, Uganda, as industry leaders, policymakers, and professionals converged for the East Africa Cloud and Cybersecurity Roadshow. Organized for the first time in Uganda by dx5, Africa’s technology driver, and powered by BUI East Africa, an information technology company, the event focused on the latest trends and challenges in these rapidly evolving domains.

Hasmukh Chudasama, General Manager for East & Southern Africa at BUI, delivered a keynote speech titled “You’ve Been Hacked. What Next? Your Breach Response Plan.” Chudasama outlined the crucial steps organizations must take in the event of a cyber attack, including incident containment, investigation, and effective communication strategies. Attendees gained valuable insights into minimizing damage and swiftly restoring operations after a breach.

As cyber criminals increasingly leverage sophisticated AI tools, a panel discussion explored how organizations can leverage cloud-based data to detect and neutralize AI-powered cyber threats more effectively. Participants learned about the latest defensive strategies against these emerging threats.

Allan Lwala, Cybersecurity and Forensics Lead at Xylem Networks delved into the evolving role of cybersecurity professionals, addressing pressing issues, common mistakes, and challenges facing the next generation of experts in the field.

The Kampala event followed similar roadshows held in Tanzania and Rwanda, showcasing the region’s growing focus on technological advancements. The roadshow’s next stop is scheduled for May 30, 2024, in Ethiopia, continuing its mission to drive knowledge-sharing and collaboration across East Africa.

With cloud computing and cybersecurity rapidly transforming businesses and societies, the East Africa Cloud and Cybersecurity Roadshow provided a platform for experts to share insights, best practices, and strategies for navigating this dynamic landscape. Participants gained valuable knowledge to stay ahead of emerging trends and challenges in these critical domains.


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