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East Hartford police post dos and don’ts for online back-to-school pics | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Police in East Hartford wanted to remind parents of ways to keep their children, and their children’s information, safe online.

They specifically referenced back-to-school photos that include poses with signs, potentially with identifying information.

“We are approaching back-to-school time again and our children are our most prized possessions,” East Hartford police wrote on their Facebook page. “Please keep your child’s safety in mind when you use first day of school signs that are often used as props for photos posted on social media.”

Police urged parents to avoid including any personal information such as their child’s full name, grade, age, teacher’s name, school name, and other distinctive characteristics.

“If you’ve been preparing for their first day for a few weeks or months and already have your signs ready, take the picture as a memory and only send it to family and friends,” police recommended. “Keep it simple. Make it memorable. Keep our children safe!”

Police posted comparison photos from East Hartford Sgt. Jose Cortes Jr.

Sgt. Jose Cortes Jr. from the East Hartford Police Department poses for photos demonstrating the dos and don’ts of online back-to-school photos. The left one is not advised, while the right is better.(East Hartford police)

They said left photo was not advised because it contained too much information. The right photo was better because it did not give out as much personal information to potential predators.

Schools in the state started to head back this week.

The first day of school for East Hartford Public Schools is Aug. 30.


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