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(Pocket-lint) – Playing Pokémon Go is a great release for millions of people around the world, letting you get outside to enjoy some fresh air while also having fun with finding and catching new monsters, and taking on battles with or against your friends.

However, it has a big drawback if you live somewhere remote or just don’t get to travel too much – you’ll get very used to seeing the same options in your local area, without much variation, and that can get old pretty quickly.

That’s why being able to mask your location and play as if you’re somewhere else can be so freeing, and there’s an easy way to do it using iMyFone AnyTo Location Changer, which makes it super simple. Here are some of its best features.

Change your location

It’s super easy to mask your location using AnyTo. First up, you just download the application to your computer and then connect your phone, whether it’s on Android or iOS. Then, you just open up the application and select the location you’d like to pretend you’re in.

That means that if you live in the middle of nowhere with no Pokéstops to be found near you, you can instantly transport yourself to somewhere super busy like New York or London, and reap all the rewards. You can also be really precise, so you don’t arrive somewhere random in the city – you can select your exact GPS location, so it’s like you’re really standing on a street corner.

Move around

What’s really great about iMyFone AnyTo, and makes it perfect for playing Pokémon Go and other walking games is that you can use the program to actually mimic walking for your game. You can set your starting point, then a destination, and your GPS will move along the route at walking pace, letting you see loads more monsters to catch and find new battles and stops to take advantage of.

This really takes you to the next level in terms of freedom to explore areas and find your new favourite spots in parts of the world you might never get the chance to visit in person. If you want more details on some of the tricks you can use for better results, check out this Pokémon Go spoofing tutorial for more information.

Works perfectly on Android and iOS

With apps like these, one worry can often be that they might only work on certain hardware or types of phone, but that’s thankfully not the case for iMyFone AnyTo – you can use it on almost any version of Android, from 6 onward, and it’ll also work across your iOS devices.

That means that you can use it with confidence whatever phone you have, and it lets you concentrate on the more important matter of growing your Pokémon collection out on the virtual streets after you’ve successfully faked your location on Android or iPhone.

There are plenty of other ways you can take advantage of location spoofing using the app, of course, including being able to stream other countries’ content and more, and you can find out plenty more about these by visiting the iMyFone website.


Best of all, you can score yourself a nice discount on the program by using our discount code PKTLTAT20 – you’ll get the option to insert your code if you check out using “Buy Now” on the iMyFone site.

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