Eau Claire woman charged with prescription drug ID theft

A 38-year-old Eau Claire woman is accused of using a false identity to obtain prescription drugs.
Molly B. Tiry, 5726 Otter Creek Court, Unit 7, has been charged in Eau Claire County Court with identity theft for financial gain and attempted possession of narcotic drugs, both felonies, and a misdemeanor count of obtaining a prescription drug with fraud.

According to the criminal complaint:
Information gathered by a Mayo Clinic Health System investigator showed that Tiry had gone Dec. 26 to the emergency room at Mayo Clinic Health System-Chippewa Valley in Bloomer using the name Molly Danielson. She was transferred by ambulance to Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire, where she received a prescription for the narcotic hydrocodone and used the same identity. The next day, she filled the prescription in Bloomer.
On March 3, an Eau Claire police detective met with Tiry, and she told him she had been at the Bloomer hospital and eventually admitted she had made up the name and birth date she used, saying she was going through a divorce and didn’t want the bills to go to her husband.
Tiry also told the detective that she had been addicted to pain medication at the time but claimed she now was clean.


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