Edu dept declares ‘violence against children week’ from Nov 18-24 | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

CHENNAI: In a move to raise awareness and combat child abuse, the education department has declared November 18 to 24 as ‘violence against children week’.

This initiative aims to educate students, parents, and the community at large about the importance of child safety and the role each individual plays in safeguarding children.

The department has set up dedicated helplines to ensure immediate assistance for students and children facing any form of abuse. Students can reach out to either the education department helpline at 14417 or also use child helpline at 1098.

“This step emphasises the urgency of reporting any secretive involvement with individuals harming children to ensure the safety and well-being of the victims,” as per department notification.

As part of the awareness campaign, children are being taught a crucial lesson on body autonomy.

“You are the boss of your body. Your body belongs to you alone, and no one else has the right to touch it or invade your personal space without your consent, regardless of the circumstances,” the notification read.

This empowering message underscores the importance of personal boundaries and consent from an early age.

The campaign also provides practical tips for child safety, urging vigilance against individuals who may attempt to lure children with gifts, money, or chocolates.

Additionally, parents and guardians have been advised to educate their children on recognising and avoiding suspicious situations.

If faced with such circumstances, children are encouraged to steer clear of following suggestions, refrain from accepting any gifts, and promptly inform their parents.

Emphasising the collective responsibility to prioritise a child’s safety, the campaign stresses the significance of being cautious and proactive as a society. “By fostering an environment where children feel empowered and supported, communities can work together to prevent and address instances of child abuse,” the notification pointed out.


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