Education Ministry moves to address violence in Guyanese schools | #schoolsaftey

Guyana’s Ministry of Education said school must be a safe environment for students to learn and it will not tolerate violence and indiscipline.

The ministry’s comment was in response to two viral videos of children fighting at the New Campbellville Secondary School.

In the first incident, which occurred on September 9, 2023, a female student was seen being attacked by a classmate.

On September 15, a male student was recorded kicking and stomping another boy in the head.

The ministry it investigated both incidents and engaged both the students and their parents.

“Following the meetings, students who were found to be in breach of the Ministry of Education’s Policy on the Maintenance of Order and Discipline in school were sanctioned in keeping with the said policy document which includes expulsion, suspension and mandatory psychosocial counselling,” the ministry said.

The ministry said it would conduct a sensitisation campaign in schools across Guyana to address matters such as bullying and anti-social behaviour.

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