Educators call on parents to help fight violence like Josey shooting | #schoolsaftey

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – After a shooting shattered the sense of security Wednesday at Josey High School, educators say they’re relying on parents to help keep kids safe.

Richmond County officials held a press conference late Wednesday afternoon after a student was shot at Josey High School.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree and Superintendent Ken Bradshaw gave update at a press conference held at 3 p.m.

“I want to share the importance of parents and guardians communicating with their children about this unfortunate incident that impacted two schools. We rely on our parents and guardians to gather children and keep prohibited items out of our schools. Please have conversations with your children about solving problems without violence,” said Superintendent Ken Bradshaw at the conference.


The message to the parents explained that everything was done to prevent as little harm as possible but to check with their kids and their belongings before they head to school.

While a school resource officer was on the scene when the shooting happened, and many rushed to the school soon after, a point that’s been brought up multiple times is the lack of metal detectors in schools.

They say the shooter, a male student known to the Josey community, is potentially being harbored by friends and family, but that they have searched his known spots as well.

Superintendent Ken Bradshaw said the school might close over the next few days while families are healing.

Sheriff Roundtree emphasized their active shooter training at another high school two months ago was a huge help in preventing any fatalities.

Under an hour after the call came in, deputies were escorting students from the front entrance to their designated safe zone at the football field.

Being able to coordinate this was something Sheriff Roundtree praised at both the school board meeting and at Josey High School on Wednesday afternoon.

“We know from national narratives that it’s the worst nightmare for parents. We appreciate their support, and the fact that so many came to the school, followed our instructions, and went to a designated site. And that’s what we try to tell our parents about all our schools: be aware of the unification process, in case of any emergency at your school. Know where to go so you don’t get frustrated or caught up in any traffic,” said Sheriff Roundtree.

Augusta Mayor Garnett Johnson addressed the shooting, saying he is saddened by the increased violence in our community.

He says we need to create safe havens for our children, including expanding after-school programs.

“We are calling for volunteers that are willing to roll up their sleeves and help,” said Mayor Johnson.

The student is recovering in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s office says the suspect, who is a minor, is still on the run.

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