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AI and Deepfake technology have made significant advancements globally, but their impact on society is not entirely positive. One prominent example of their negative influence is the rise of deepfakes impersonating celebrities and influencers on social media platforms. Furthermore, the voice-acting industry has also been affected.

Nev Schulman, the well-known host of MTV’s Catfish, who is responsible for uncovering online dating scams, recently shared his views on how AI and deepfakes will impact the world of online dating. According to Nev, AI has the potential to create realistic human-like personas that can interact and think. He believes that it is only a matter of time before AI permeates the online dating landscape.

Speculating on the specific effects of AI in this context, Nev predicts that its main application will likely be in advertising. He foresees the creation of AI characters on dating websites, designed to promote movies, credit card applications, and other products or services. However, he laments the fact that the prevalence of lies and deception in online dating cannot be easily eliminated. Despite his wishes for a world where honesty prevails, Nev acknowledges that such a reality is unlikely to materialize anytime soon.

As AI and deepfake technology continue to advance, it is crucial for society to stay informed about their potential impact on various industries, including online dating. Keeping up with the latest entertainment news will help individuals navigate the evolving landscape of online relationships.

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