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Effingham County school board votes to add cameras in classrooms | #schoolsaftey

August 3 marked the start of a new school year for the more than 14,000 students in Effingham County Public Schools. And while back to school typically involves new clothes, fresh school supplies, and the grind of homework, students and teachers alike found something new in their classrooms ― cameras.

The move was approved by the Effingham County School Board and more than $2 million dollars was spent on the Kloud 12 camera system, which is currently in every classroom at the high school level. Superintendent Yancy Ford told WTOC that all middle schools will have cameras soon and they will be added to all elementary schools in the district next spring. Ford said the cameras were added to heighten security measures and will allow teachers to record their lessons if they choose. “We examined the safety initiatives we had in place and made a decision to dedicate resources to ramp up security measures within the district,” said Ford. “As we continue to look at ways we can support teachers and students from a safety standpoint, we felt like cameras in the classroom would be the next step. We have always had cameras in common areas through the school, but the classroom cameras would be an added safety feature.”

A photograph shows what the camera view will look like once installed inside the classroom.

When asked if parents gave permission for their child to be recorded, Ford pointed to the student-parent handbook, which reads, “There is no expectation of privacy on buses nor in the public areas of Effingham County Schools. Video cameras may be placed on buses, classroom, and in the public areas of the campuses of Effingham County Schools. Video cameras should not be placed where they can record bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, or private offices. The presence of a video camera means that there is no expectation of privacy in that location.”

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