Emergency Readiness Plan Aims To Combat School Violence In The U.S. | #schoolsaftey

With school violence on the rise all over the country, an Oklahoma group is doing their part to make our schools safe.

“The number one thing that we want people to understand is this is about creating an emergency preparedness plan,” said Timothy Brashier, Founder of Practical Preparedness.

Brashier started the program in October of last year, after school shootings in other areas of the country.

“What do the teachers do? What does the administration do, if there is an active shooter or if there is an escalated situation?” said Brashier.

Brashier, pulled from his fifteen years of personal protection and military background, and called a couple of friends to help create the program.

“I am an eighth-degree black belt master instructor. I’m graded in five different arts that I hold blackbelts in; Japanese, Chinese, The Korean, Okinawan that I have ranks in as a blackbelt,” said Jerry Bryant with Practical Preparedness.  

“It teaches them how to stay calm, how to communicate effectively under stress, and actually just manage that protocol,” said Brashier.

The group created multiple programs for each school district or employer to choose from. Incorporating everything from escape tactics to defense and even weapons training.

“You know anytime you start talking about safety and you are a preparedness, safety and firearms company it tends to scare people a little bit,” said Brashier.

The goal, however, is not to scare teachers but to prepare them with a plan for all situations, including applying a tourniquet to others or yourself, which Bryant did after he cut his leg with a chainsaw.

“The Edmond fire department and the actual emergency room doctor were completely surprised, they said wait a minute, you put that on yourself?” said Brashier.

The group also arms teachers how to address law enforcement, when approached in an active shooter situation. They have been endorsed by Professional Oklahoma Educators. The three-hour class can be tailored to the school district or workplace specifications.

“Where they know and have a protocol and a plan in place to where they’re not just shutting their doors, turn off the lights, and hoping that that active threat passes them,” said Brashier.

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