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Others came in with allegations that the Facebook account was compromised after the MP clicked external links.

Which type of link did you click?”. Embrace two-factor authentication to avoid future login sessions being hijacked,” Benard Yego said 

Titus Okello said: “I’m sorry to hear about the issue. It’s crucial to take immediate steps to secure your accounts. Try changing your passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and reporting the incident to Facebook for assistance.”

Mutema said: “Your social media handlers shouldn’t be clicking on foreign links, sir. That’s how you lost the account.”

According to the Facebook Help Center, an account is hacked if a user notices email or password has been changed, a name or birthday has been changed, or friend requests have been sent to people they don’t know. 

Other determining issues are: messages have been sent that the owner of the account did not write, and posts have been made that they did not create.

“If your personal account was hacked, you can take steps to help secure it,” Facebook said. 

“Keep in mind that you may have also lost access to your Page if you’re not the authorised representative of Page’s subject or content, or if your Page was reported and removed for infringing on someone’s intellectual property rights.”

To recover a Facebook page, the meta-owned company says owners of the page need to contact them immediately and answer some personal questions about the page before they begin the process of restoring it. 

“Pages can only be accessed through a personal account that belongs to an admin or someone with Facebook access to a page.”

The MP made the announcement about his page being hacked on X.

“Kindly note that my Facebook page is under the control of hackers. Kindly do not click on any link sent. Ignore updates and inbox messages shared and sent by hackers,” he said.

“We are working to recover and restore the page.”

The account has at least 500,000 likes.


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