Encrypted email service with MIT ties opens to general public

Protonmail, the easy-to-use encrypted mail service that launched in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA spying and was built in part by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, opened to the general public Sunday evening.

The founders of the Switzerland-based service announced the news on its website and released a link for easy sign-up. They also said Protonmail now has 500,000 users. Financial contributors have been able to get accounts for about a year.

Protonmail is web-based, operating much like Gmail or Hotmail, but according to its creators offers the benefits of encryption if both the senders and recipients of emails use it. The service doesn’t require the use of complicated keys such as other super-secure protocols such as PGP.

One of Protonmail’s founders told Forbes a reason for creating the free version of Protonmail’s service was to make it available to human rights activists and that some are using it in China.

Source: Boston Business Journal

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