Enraged husband slaps doctor at OB/GYN conference: video | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing


A man strode up to a panel of OB/GYNs at a medical conference in Baltimore and abruptly slapped the speaker on stage — twice — while claiming the Long Island-based physician had sexually assaulted his wife, according to a video of the incident. 

A woman who appeared to be the man’s wife calmly stood nearby during her husband’s nearly two-minute long, profane diatribe from the stage.

She was by his side as the pair later left the ballroom, footage shows.

Video of the scene at the May 23 conference went viral after an anonymous user put it on Twitter Friday.

In the clip, the man can be seen stepping up onto the stage, grabbing the stunned doctor’s shirt collar, and appears to push him back a step or two.

The physician appears to look around as the much taller man holds him at the neck, points at him and then turns to the crowd and says, “This motherf—er sexually assaulted my wife seven years ago,” the footage shows.

Then the interloper slaps the doctor.

“You know what you did… you touched my wife seven years ago in New York,” the man shouted, as he first pointed to his wife and then slapped the physician a second time. “Don’t be an a—-le.”

“Seven years I waited for this, seven!” the man screeched as he began walking out. “Seven years my wife has been suffering because you… a predator.”

He returned one last time near the dais where the doctor was standing, warning him in a threatening voice,  “Laugh one more time.”

In a separate video taken as the man and his wife were leaving the venue, his wife can be heard telling a bystander that she had reported the doctor for harassment at the time the alleged incident occurred.

The couple appeared to be speaking to a pair of security guards, one of whom can be heard saying, “There’s a better way to handle it.”

Screenshot from the now viral video showing a man accost a Long Island-based physician at a Baltimore conference last month.

The man, who had walked away, then spun on his heel and came back, incredulously saying, “There’s a better way to do? He sexually assaulted my wife, there’s a better way to do?”

Baltimore Police confirmed to WMAR that the physical assault on the doctor occurred at the May 20 conference.

The doctor, who has not been publicly identified, has not been charged with any crime. He practices at Stony Brook University Medical Center, WMAR reported.

“The assaulted individual stated that he did not want to file criminal charges or file a report against the individual who physically assaulted him and that he would prefer the individual be escorted off the premises,” a police spokesperson said.

The man who accosted the physician.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology sent an email about the incident to its physicians, prompting one doctor to reach out to the group for clarification. The ACOG then posted a statement about the incident to Twitter Thursday.

“We recognize that those who witnessed the incident in person or online may have experienced trauma as a result, including many of you who have experienced sexual assault or other violence in the past,” the group said in the statement.

The clip was apparently posted in response to the ACOG and has garnered 1.3 million views.

“We take this matter seriously. Stony Brook University officials are reviewing the circumstances and taking the necessary measures to address any issues resulting from this incident,” Stony Brook University Medical Center told WMAR in a statement.

The Post was unable to immediately reach the doctor.

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