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Published June 14, 2023

Dark Cyber, the esteemed provider of top-notch cybersecurity training programs, today announced the launch of their new course, “Entity Poisoning: Battling the Invisible Threat.” This new course is a dedicated program aimed at upskilling security professionals and enhancing their understanding of entity poisoning, an escalating concern in the rapidly evolving cyber landscape.

Entity poisoning represents a rapidly emerging and often undetected form of cyber-attack. By manipulating machine learning algorithms, these threats can distort data and create false narratives, leading to significant business disruption and losses. With their novel course, Dark Cyber aims to ensure security professionals are equipped with the comprehensive understanding and advanced skills necessary to confront and neutralize this mounting threat.

“We’re operating in an era where cyber threats evolve at a pace that’s hard to keep up with,” said Dr. Jane Turner, CEO of Dark Cyber. “Through our Entity Poisoning course, we’re helping professionals gain a solid grasp of the mechanisms behind these intricate attacks and giving them the tools and strategies to combat them. This course underscores our commitment to deliver state-of-the-art training that anticipates and addresses the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.”

The curriculum, meticulously crafted by a distinguished team of cybersecurity experts from diverse industry backgrounds, covers a wide range of critical subjects. These include an in-depth understanding of entity poisoning attacks, their implications for machine learning models, effective strategies for their detection and mitigation, and the crucial role of AI in building robust defense mechanisms.

The course is uniquely designed to promote an immersive learning experience. It involves studying real-world case studies and practical scenarios, simulating entity poisoning attacks, and hands-on assignments. This approach offers participants an authentic and comprehensive understanding of the nuances of these threats and prepares them to devise and execute effective countermeasures in their respective organizations.

“We have drawn upon the expertise of some of the brightest minds in the field to create this course,” said Dr. Turner. “Our objective is to provide participants with a rich, multifaceted learning experience that is both theoretical and practical. We believe that this hands-on approach will enable them to better understand the threat and effectively safeguard their organizations.”

Understanding the dynamic and demanding nature of the industry, Dark Cyber has ensured flexibility in the course’s delivery. It offers both online and in-person learning modes, allowing participants to balance their professional commitments with their pursuit of advanced cybersecurity knowledge and skills. Moreover, the course includes a range of assessments, including practical assignments and examinations, to reinforce the learnings and evaluate participants’ proficiency in dealing with entity poisoning threats.

Dr. Turner added, “Dark Cyber is dedicated to fostering a high standard of cybersecurity training. The launch of the Entity Poisoning course is a testament to our commitment. We aim to empower professionals with the latest tools and techniques to tackle emerging threats in the digital landscape.”

Starting June 27, 2023, Dark Cyber welcomes registrations for the course. Interested individuals can sign up on Dark Cyber’s official website. To encourage early registrations, an early-bird discount is available for those who sign up within the first two weeks.

About Dark Cyber: Since its establishment in 2018, Dark Cyber has positioned itself at the forefront of innovative cybersecurity training. Its mission is to uplift the global standard of cybersecurity competencies through comprehensive and cutting-edge courses that cater to professionals across different sectors and varying skill levels.

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