Epic Games reportedly attacked by ransomware group that stole nearly 200GB of data | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

A hacking group has claimed they have infiltrated Epic Games servers and stolen nearly 200GB of data from the company.


The Fortnite developer has reportedly been hacked by ransomware group Mogilevich, which WCCFTech and Cyber Daily report is a relative newcomer to the hacking scene. Regardless of its purported reputation, or lack of it, Mogilevich has claimed they have infiltrated Epic Games servers and stolen 189GB of data, which includes emails, passwords, full names of accounts, payment information, source code, and much more. Notably, the stolen data is reportedly up for sale, but there is currently no price attached, with a deadline set for March 4.

It should be noted the group has not provided any proof of their claims, which reasonably leads to the assumption of the possibility no data was actually stolen, especially considering that Epic Games hasn’t confirmed nor denied the hack. While it’s currently up in the air whether the hack took place or not, I would be recommended to change your Epic Games account as a precautionary measure.

Furthermore, Epic Games users should be reminded of the very real Insomniac Games hack that occurred last year that resulted in private data, including personal information of current/past employees, source codes for multiple titles, and plans for future projects being released online.


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