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“Home Town” stars Erin and Ben Napier are still finding their footing as family of four. But one thing is certain: daughters Helen, 3, and Mae, 7 months, are their No. 1 priority.

That’s why the HGTV personalities work set hours — from 8 to 5.

“I really don’t want someone to else raise them,” Erin, 36, told People. “I want us to be 100% a part of their life.”

When Erin and Ben, 38, can’t be home in Laurel, Mississippi, because they’re filming or doing media appearances, the kids come on the road with them. 

“And so that’s how we do it,” Ben explained. “We don’t fold on our family time.” 

Erin described life with a toddler and an infant as a “dance.”

“And it has to be carefully choreographed for us to get to the end and all feel good about it,” she told People. “The wheels fall off around 5 p.m.”

Ben noted that he has “every minute planned and scheduled” until Helen goes to bed at around 8:30.

“We’re just trying to find our rhythm,” Erin added. “We had a rhythm as a family of three, and now we’re a family of four. Mae needs things when she needs them, and so does Helen and so do we. It’s a challenge, but I think we’re figuring it out.”

On Tuesday, Erin shared an Instagram photo of herself and Ben on the cover of People. 

“We are sitting in a row boat on my parents’ lake trying frantically not to drift away from the dock where @larsenandtalbert were taking this photo, but we look so relaxed, so that is the magic of a good photographer,” Erin wrote.


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