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Nikita of Battlestate Games mentions the release of API possibilities for Escape from Tarkov, leading to apps.

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most revolutionary games in PC history, bringing players from around the globe from different backgrounds to participate in a groundbreaking hardcore FPS title. Battlestate Games took Twitch by storm in 2020, bringing mass coverage and customers to the Escape from Tarkov game, having typical FPS players merge into their first hardcore realistic title. Through criticism, hardship, and delays, the Battlestate Games team has provided excellence in their work and has only created brilliance, whether it be Streets of Tarkov, Customs, or the new Escape from Tarkov Arena mode, Battlestate Games always generate iconic content. 

Leading us to the most recent discovery through the  “NoiceGuy Tarkov” YouTube channel that discusses the development of API for Escape from Tarkov, leading to the possibility of a mobile app. NoiceGuy Tarkov reached out to Battlestate Games lead developer, Nikita, consulting him on the matter of API and what a mobile app would include, where he responded “To let people get and use information from the game – statistics, characteristics, etc, and make third party tools and sites” creating more possibility for the Escape from Tarkov title. 

Escape from Tarkov Mobile App Possibilities 

The release of a mobile app brings vast possibilities to the Escape from Tarkov title, allowing players to potentially access a large amount of their game through the mobile app. For example, players could potentially monitor their hideout, flea market, stash, character stats, merchants, and quest progress. These are all vital aspects of the game that players would love to be able to access “on the move,” whether on a train, family dinner, on occasion, or catching up on errands, being able to access your account through a mobile device is revolutionary. 

For example, players could access these elements:

  • Hideout interface – modify and upgrade hideout remotely; collecting crafted items
  • Using the Flea market – purchasing items from the flea market for later raids 
  • Checking player stats – monitoring your player’s statistics and progress remotely
  • Sell items to merchants – sell, trade, purchasing items from merchants such as mechanic
  • Messaging friends – message friends and manage your chat through Escape From Tarkov
  • Add/remove friends – remove and add friends through a mobile app

Players could complete most if not all, aspects of Escape from Tarkov except playing in-game and entering the hideout in first-person. The majority of important Escape from Tarkov aspects are based on the menus, whether you’re building Gunsmith tasks or general weapon loadouts for yourself, analyzing quests, building Bitcoin farms, or just listing to the awesome menu music. 

Escape from Tarkov API

Nikita from Battlestate Games was specifically referencing the implementation of API (application programming interface) into Escape from Tarkov. In essence, an application programming interface allows two or more computer programs to communicate with each other through software. This will allow Escape from Tarkov to connect to third-party entities such as mobile apps, websites, or other software, allowing you to access your account with real-time updates when you’re not in the game and using something like an app. 

Therefore we could possibly see more than an app coming to Escape from Tarkov, with the development of third-party websites for players to access. The possibility of API is endless, essentially giving players the ability to create their platforms for other players to create and build platforms to access and manage their Escape from Tarkov accounts, whilst being regulated.

The development of API is most likely a way off, with the release of Escape from Tarkov Arena, Streets of Tarkov extension, and many other bug fixes, API is far down on the “to-do list” for Battlestate Games. However, it’s still a possibility, Battlestate games are creating one of the greatest realistic shooters on the planet, you cannot rush API and they need to establish boundaries and what players can/can’t access to prevent possible exploitation. 

Development of Apps and Sites

Nikita specifically mentioned “To let people get and use information from the game – statistics, characteristics, etc, and make third party tools and sites,” referring to the creation of these tools from third-party entities by using the words “to let people.” Therefore, we can expect the production of these apps and websites to be relatively quick in Escape from Tarkov standards. Battlestate Games are only focussing on the development of Escape from Tarkov API, and are letting players and fans develop their third-party tools to share with the public. 

Several implications come alongside putting trust in third-party entities, therefore, Battlestate Games are going to have to seriously evaluate how they want to operate releasing API. Scams, data breaches, and unhappy customers are bound to appear when people start releasing third-party websites, as players will, of course, have to log into their Escape from Tarkov accounts for the API technology to work via these third-party sites. 

In the “NoiceGuy Tarkov” YouTube video, he mentions the ability to collect insurance and crafting items in the hideout, being the main focus of the API benefits. Players are inconvenienced by life’s responsibilities, causing them to miss their Escape from Tarkov insurance from the prior night, causing players to lose progress. Additionally, using an abundance of fuel within the hideout crafting simple one-hour items, again losing progress. The API will allow players to intervene in the progress loss and obtain their desired items, ultimately benefitting them. 

Escape from Tarkov App –  free or paid?

The Escape from Tarkov community is relatively die-hard, that’s relatively fair to say? Therefore the development of apps or third-party sites arises the question of “free-to-use” or “paid.” Without a doubt, players would pay a monthly subscription to access such capabilities, especially those trying to grind high-value tasks such as the Kappa Container. 

However, there is another aspect to consider – game variants. Escape from Tarkov players are given the choice between four game variants when purchasing the title, each varying significantly in price difference. Therefore, it might be considerate to predict the players holding the most expensive version of Escape from Tarkov can reap the most benefits from a mobile app, allowing them to access all remote aspects, then lower edition holders access the bare minimum remotely. 

I believe players should have equal access to third/first-party apps with API, as players have already bought the game and should be able to access their accounts equally. We live in a capitalist society, therefore it’s not stupid to predict that people will charge players to access such tools. 

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