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ESET Research Plays Key Role in Solutions for Partners | #malware | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

There are lessons to be learned from the Los Angeles Unified School District ransomware attack.

ESET considers itself a research company with products, as opposed to a product company with research. And much of that research shapes the solutions it provides to partners.

That’s according to Tony Anscombe, ESET’s chief security evangelist. ESET is one of the largest cybersecurity providers in Europe.

ESET‘s IT security software and services protect businesses, critical infrastructure and consumers worldwide from digital threats. They’re backed by ESET’s R&D centers.

Because it’s based so close to Ukraine, ESET has had a front-row seat to all of the cybercrime associated with the war there, Anscombe said.

ESET’s Tony Anscombe

“We’ve had a relatively big amount of focus on the conflict in Ukraine,” he said. “Our headquarters is in Slovakia, so it’s on a bordering country and we’re one of the largest providers of cybersecurity in Ukraine. So we’ve had very specific intelligence. And I think that’s been very interesting because if you look at the cyber threats … there’s typically monetization behind them. And now we’re seeing cyber threats against industrial control systems. We’re seeing malicious and malicious only attacks. So there’s no monetization behind them. They’re destructive attacks. So we’re actually learning a lot of what cyber warfare could look like or does look like. And that’s important as well.”

Research Shapes Cyber Protection

Ryan Grant is vice president of sales for ESET North America. He said partners get a lot out of ESET research.

ESET's Ryan Grant

ESET’s Ryan Grant

Not only do we take it to market and we really share the latest findings that we have out there, but we actually publish it on where people can view that as well,” he said. “But it also makes it into the core of the product and how people set up their feeds on the product, and set up their security policies and those sorts of things. They’re able to really leverage the research, which is real time, that allows them to make sure that they are aware. And if they’ve got the latest product deployed from us, any kind of updates that we find through the research, they’re going to continually get at no additional charge. But they also can get educated as well.”

Scroll through our slideshow above for a Q&A with Anscombe and Grant, and more cybersecurity news.

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