Anonymous Hackers Press Release 28 April 2012 Dear Citizens of South Africa The South African Government has failed you. SANRAL’S E-tag system is illegal, it is in contravention of the National Credit Act, and for being in violation of this act, your precious e-toll system “South African Government” shall be destroyed. The National Credit Act, clearly stipulates that no Citizen is allowed to take on extra credit, until his or her entire financial situation, is first fully assessed, to see if he or she is capable of taking on the extra credit, as stipulated by law, under the National Credit Act. This toll levy the “South African Government” seeks should be going back into the road infrastructure, and not off to some Austrian profiteers. Furthermore, this magnificent ring road system encircling all major suburbs, was built and financed by the previous Government, not SANRAL, now the Government has the absolute audacity, because it has only added an extra lane, to ban all motorists from using this road network, under threat of a massive fine, or now, as the Government has gotten so desperate, jail sentence for non-payment of e-tolls. The South African Government’s Departments are completely bloated and bursting at the seams, having satisfied Zuma’s more jobs strategy, by adding more parasites to a Government System that only consumes wealth and produces no financial income whatsoever, that you “the South African Government” have forgotten about the South African Citizen. You

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