Ethical hacker Ankit Fadia releases his 15th book

Certified ethical hacker and computer security expert, Ankit Fadia, released nationally his 15th book — Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life — from Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Different from his earlier books, which were all on the topic of ethical hacking and cyber security, Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life contains all the tips and tricks to stretch the limits of emails, computers, social networks, video sites and everything else digital.

“I hope my readers will enjoy reading the book as much I enjoyed writing it. It is my first attempt of writing a book on a subject other than the regular ‘hacking’,” says Fadia.

“Every page in this book is an enthusiastic celebration of technology’s ability to make our lives better. What makes it even more wonderful is the ease with which it includes the non-tech savvy user as today, no one can be said to be outside the realm of technology,” says Sanjeev Bikhchandani, co-founder and executive vice-chairman of in his foreword to the book.

In this book, Fadia has shared 100 different intriguing and interesting tips, tricks and tweaks that are not only informative and useful but are also practical and entertaining.

Some of these include how to catch a cheating partner red handed, how to block calls from annoying people, how to fake an incoming call on your phone to get out of awkward situations, how to use your mobile phone for personal safety, how to send an email in future, how to control your computer using your mobile, how to remember where you parked your car, how to send an SMS text message in the future, and how to use a fake SMS to get out of trouble?

Published by Penguin Books India,  the 300-page Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life is divided into four main sections – Functionality and Productivity, Look and Feel, Security and Fun Stuff, and How-To-Dos. The book is priced at Rs 199.



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