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For most of us, the dark web is pretty much an unknown – something we’re more used to hearing about in films and series rather than actually diving into ourselves.

But an ‘ethical hacker’ has explained why it’s not quite possible to access the dark web in the way you may expect.

The dark web remains a mysterious phenomenon for most of us. Credit: Getty Stock Image

Ryan Montgomery is a professional cyber security specialist and ethical hacker known for exposing online predators.

The American cleared up that it ‘isn’t a marketplace’ or ‘the black market’ like you might be thinking.

Montgomery explained: “Once you’re connected to the dark web, Tor, the Onion Router [a software that enables anonymous communication], you still need to know where to go to visit these horrible websites.”

The expert shed light on how the dark web can be used to find the online activities of predators.

Ryan Montgomery is an 'ethical hacker' who works to expose online predators. Credit: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Clips
Ryan Montgomery is an ‘ethical hacker’ who works to expose online predators. Credit: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Clips

He continued to outline just how the hidden sites work.

“Imagine a very long string of letters and numbers and the website, instead of dot com, it’d be dot onion,” he said.

“You can’t visit those websites in a regular browser, you have to do that while you’re connected to the Onion Router which you can download at the T-O-R’s website.

“And then you could go to a thing called the Hidden Wiki, and the Hidden Wiki will show you all different categories of the websites with the link to them.”

Montgomery said there are ‘marketplaces’ listed, as well as generally ‘horrible things on there’.

The ethical hacker says there’s even ‘murder for hire’ available, as well as links for kids.

“There’s counterfeit money, there’s fake IDs,” he added. “There all kinds of different websites that do horrible things.”

In the comments to a clip of the interview shared on TikTok, one user wrote: “I wouldn’t go on it [the dark web] unless you want to be traumatised or hacked. Don’t understand why so many people go on there tbh.”

Montgomery says there are 'horrible things' on the dark web. Credit: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Clips
Montgomery says there are ‘horrible things’ on the dark web. Credit: YouTube/Shawn Ryan Clips

Others joked: “When I was younger I thought all you had to do was search ‘dark web’ to get onto the website.”

Some were confused as to why Montgomery was ‘instructing everyone’ as to how to access the dark web while he outlined the dangers.

Many added it sounds ‘traumatic’ and they simply ‘don’t wanna know’.


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