Young #Daeshgram #Hackers Flood #Official ISIS #Propaganda Channels With #Porn

Earlier this month, we reported how a Muslim hacking collective named Di5s3nSi0N was able to hack Amaq, one of the key outlets for ISIS propaganda, within hours after they called themselves “unhackable.” They exposed an email list of 1,784 subscribers.

In another attack on ISIS online propaganda, young Muslim hackers have filled the official communication channels of the terror group with pornographic content.

An Iraqi hacking group, who goes by the name Daeshgram, has launched an operation against the Islamic State. They aim to flood the channels with fake Amaq content in order to dilute the credibility of ISIS news agency, according to Newsweek.

Daeshgram photoshopped a pornographic scene in an ISIS announcement that talked about the opening of a new media center in Syria. It showed as if ISIS extremists were looking at a projection of pornographic content.

With this campaign, the hacktivist collective aims to create a sense of distrust and paranoia among the groups. They’ve become partially successful as Daesh has told its supports not to trust any of Amaq links.

That’s not all. The group has also hit Amaq’s site with a DDoS attack. Following which, they created an identical version of the page and mocked the extremist ideology. This was done accurately by studying the messages of ISIS for months.

“Go on Telegram and you will see that Daesh are confused about Amaq and don’t trust it,” the Daeshgram hacker said. It’s worth noting that Daeshgram collective consists of just 6 people.

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