Ethical hacking in the age of cyber warfare

The ease with which one can hack just about anything online is remarkable in its speed, simplicity and availability.

“It’s more than easy,” said ethical hacker and cyber security expert Bryan Seely, “It’s almost embarassing.”

Among other things, Seely teachers ethical hacking. Using one of a series of platforms, in this case, Kali-Linux, Seely demonstrated how to send targeted online attacks just like ordering at a fast food restaurant. His example lasted barely a minute.

“You could follow this and conduct an attack and steal passwords with no difficulty,” said Seely.

More importantly, amid a series of widely publicized stories on hacking and cyber security, Seely believes it is crucial for the general public to know what is really going on in the dark online world.

“This is where war will be,” he opined, “China is already getting information, and we’re doing the same thing. The Russians are doing it.

“This is straight up warfare.”


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