Etsy Implements New Policy To Ensure Safety of Minors, Effective September 8 | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Etsy is introducing a significant policy change focused on child safety in product listings to prevent any potential misuse or misinterpretation of using minors.

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From September 8, 2023, Etsy will enforce enhanced guidelines, specifically addressing minors in undergarments, photos that crop to focus on private areas, or poses that could be seen as inappropriate for their age.

These changes are designed to provide consistent and understandable rules across the platform, making it easier for sellers to create listings that are safe for all audiences.

Etsy Tips to Sellers

While Etsy acknowledges the positive intentions of most sellers, it recognizes that visual content can be perceived differently by different people. As part of its ongoing commitment to child safety, Etsy is offering some helpful tips to sellers who include minors in their listings:

  1. No Undergarment Photos: Sellers are encouraged to avoid using images of children or minors in undergarments. Instead, they should use mannequins or other display methods that do not involve live models.
  2. Zoom Out: When showcasing products worn by minors, sellers should opt for full-body images. This is especially important for form-fitting clothing like leotards, bathing suits, or leggings. Etsy suggests when highlighting specific details to use images of the item itself, not on a person.
  3. Age-Appropriate Poses and Settings: Sellers are advised to ensure that images of minors are age-appropriate. Minors should be photographed in neutral stances, with legs closed or shoulder-width apart, looking directly at the camera. Avoid using images of minors in baths, showers, or beds.

Etsy’s new guidelines build upon its existing policies that prohibit child sexual abuse material and explicit content involving minors. The platform remains committed to promptly removing and reporting such content, emphasizing its dedication to child safety.

Furthermore, the company encourages all sellers to work together to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in the community. For more information about these policy changes and the types of content allowed on the platform, sellers can visit the Etsy House Rules page.

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