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Moms everywhere have enough on their plate; actress Eva Longoria has committed to never add the weight of shame onto other moms’ shoulders. In fact, the pain of mom-shaming has affected her so directly, she has spoken publicly in support of fellow parents and their right to raise their kids without critique.

Longoria is perhaps best known for her role on Desperate Housewives, but has most recently voiced Elena in 2019’s Dora and the Lost City of Gold. The seasoned performer is mother to Santiago, age two. Juggling work and parenting in a pandemic is hard enough, but hearing unwelcome criticism can be soul-crushing. As a result, Longoria has sworn she will never be the kind of person or celebrity who judges other moms and dads.

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In an October Celebretainment feature, Longoria admitted she has a lot of support at her disposal including a very large family. But that doesn’t make her an authority on the best parenting choices – not in the slightest. She noted, “I am never going to tell someone how to parent. That question of, ‘How do you do it all?’ Even answering it makes other women feel less sometimes.”

She explained that the anxiety and jealousy that other parents seem more put together can get to her: “I’ll hear it, and I’m like … ‘Oh, great. She has it together. Maybe I’m not doing something right.’” And the guilt can only be compounded by other moms who offer unsolicited advice about parenting techniques – especially if they are the opposite of your own.

Longoria’s solution? Staying candid. She said, “The mom-shamers of the world are real…I am in no way an expert of being a mom.” On Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast, Longoria recently shared, “I have a huge family. I have an amazing husband who supports me, I have amazing sisters and I have amazing girlfriends who have kids the same age. We all chip in and get it done.”

And being the mother to a two-year-old boy has truly fulfilled her needs as a mother. She considers her family complete with the arrival of her little one. And who could blame her? According to Longoria, “He’s amazing. He’s really good. He’s a good sleeper. He’s a good eater, traveler…He’s just a great kid. I got really lucky.”

For those juggling home and work without a massive support network of celebrity and family, there’s still plenty to relate to in Longoria’s passion for motherhood. “I mean, you never shut it off. Not even when you’re sleeping,” she admitted; “it’s just such a genuine blessing.”

As she strives with her career to make the world better through activism and philanthropy, Longoria continues to set a superlative example for her son, as well as for other moms who thrive on mutual empathy and kindness.

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