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Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #28 below!

Marvel’s latest romance between Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel is even confusing to some of Carol Danvers’ fellow heroes. In a new preview for the upcoming Captain Marvel #28, Carol does her best to explain why she and Rhodey broke up and that she didn’t do it so she could hook up with Doctor Strange. Even Stephen Strange’s snakes are intrigued by the juicy details.

Captain Marvel’s had a really tough go of things in her personal life recently. After being transported into a dark future and meeting a young hero named Carol Rhodes, her boyfriend Jim Rhodes’ daughter that wasn’t hers, Danvers decided she couldn’t be with War Machine because it would prevent the future Carol from ever existing. Reeling from breaking up with Rhodey, Carol was set up by her closest friends to go speed dating which… didn’t go well. However, after speed dating, Captain Marvel met up with Doctor Strange in a bar, which ended up with the pair hooking up.

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In a new preview for Captain Marvel #28 by Kelly Thompson, Jacopo Camagni, Espen Grundetjern, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Carol meets up with one of her closest friends, Spider-Woman, and tries to explain what happened between her and Rhodey. Captain Marvel is adamant she didn’t break up with Rhodey to hook up with Doctor Strange. She explains she can’t get in the way of Carol Rhodes existing, which is why she broke up with Rhodey in the first place.

Carol is clearly upset with the decision, but her explanation to Spider-Woman really intrigues Doctor Strange’s talking snakes. They question what is a “Rhodey?” while revealing the whole drama seems “juicy.” As Carol explains to Jessica Drew she can’t be with Rhodey, one snake says “this is riveting,” which the other snake states “it should be a human television program! I would watch.” The talking snakes have appeared in the comics before and have always taken a special interest in female characters.

It’s not surprising that Carol’s decision leaves her fellow Marvel hero a tad confused. Spider-Woman didn’t meet Carol Rhodes and without a physical connection, it just sounds like an alternate timeline to her. Captain Marvel, meanwhile, lived in the dark future and saw Rhodes and grew to admire her. Even though she wanted to be with Rhodey, she feared doing so would wipe Carol from existence. As the snakes point out, it’s all very juicy and dramatic and led to Carol hooking up with Doctor Strange. Whether the romance lasts or not, the events that led to Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange’s romance is complicated, confusing, and riveting. Captain Marvel #28 is available in comic book stores later this week.

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