‘Every company vulnerable to TalkTalk style hacking attack under Snooper’s Charter’

Every company is vulnerable to a hacking attack like the one suffered by TalkTalk, it was claimed as it emerged that companies may be powerless to prevent criminals stealing their customers’ data.

Security experts said that the so-called snooper’s charter, which will give British spies access to telecommunications data by law, will “sabotage” attempts to defeat cyber crime by creating a “back door” through which hackers can enter.

Anyone who has typed personal information into a webpage has “had it compromised in some way” because data is frequently left unprotected on computer servers, the experts claimed.

As frantic investigations continued at TalkTalk, which still has not ascertainedthe scale of the data breach, its chief executive said she would leave if her customers demanded it.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Dido Harding said: “In some ways I would love to say this is just a TalkTalk issue, I’d love to believe this is just us – but it isn’t.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11954186/Every-company-vulnerable-to-TalkTalk-style-hacking-attack-under-Snoopers-Charter.html

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