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Every Marvel Villain Who Hacked Iron Man’s Armor | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Since being introduced, Tony Stark has always prioritized keeping his armor out of anyone else’s hands. Believing others would use his suit to do harm, Stark waged wars to prevent others from acquiring his technology. None of that stopped some of Iron Man’s most dangerous villains from hacking his suit.

For Tony Stark, his armor is vital. Not only does it help him take on world-ending threats alongside the Avengers, but Tony’s armor keeps him alive. Any villain who knows how to find weaknesses in and take over Stark’s armor solidifies themselves as a true and dangerous threat.

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10 Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer was the first and one of the most effective villains to hack into Tony Stark’s armor. At the time, no one else could even compete with Tony Stark’s technology. Stark was as Invincible as his name suggested, but Justin Hammer found a way to hack into the armor’s systems. Making it past the armor’s refractory coating, Hammer took control gradually — making it seem like Iron Man’s armor was malfunctioning.

First, Justin Hammer made the armor’s searchlight function turn on during a stealth mission. Later, he caused the boot jets to malfunction. Hammer’s true success was causing the repulsor beams to kill a foreign dignitary during a meeting, resulting in Iron Man’s armor being impounded until Tony Stark could figure out what happened.

9 Kearson DeWitt

Kearson DeWitt challenges Iron Man in Armor Wars II

In the lesser-known “Armor Wars II” storyline, Tony Stark had more than just his armor hacked. After being shot by his ex Kathy Dare, Stark needed a biochip implanted at the base of his spine, so he could walk. Unfortunately, the chip turned out to be malicious.

With the help of the leaders of the Marrs Corporation, Kearson DeWitt used the microchip to replace Stark’s entire nervous system. While Stark was completely unaware, DeWitt had complete control over his body. After getting Stark’s body under control, she easily hacked the armor as well.

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8 The Model 16 Armor

Iron Man's sentient armor holding a burnt-out helmet

As the circuitry in Iron Man’s armor became more complex, the chances of things going wrong increased. After having Jocasta’s AI briefly downloaded into his armor and a battle with Whiplash where his armor was supercharged, the armor became sentient.

The armor tried to help Tony at first, but it soon gave into negative emotions. After killing Whiplash, the armor stopped at nothing to get Tony to fuse with it once again. It even resorted to trapping Tony on an island until he agreed. The fight between Tony and the armor almost killed Tony. The armor sacrificed itself to save Tony, granting the genius a new lease on life with its robotic heart.

7 The Skrulls

Iron Man's armor gets hacked In Secret Invasion

After the Civil War, the vaunted armor Tony had kept from everyone was suddenly an open secret. As the Director of SHIELD, StarkTech was everywhere, making it more open to attack. During Secret Invasion, the Skrulls targeted Stark before their dark invasion began.

A Skrull disguised as Jarvis revealed the Skrulls had a way to hack into Tony’s armor. The hack not only rendered Stark’s armor useless, but permanently shut down the Extremis in his system. This made using modern versions of his armor impossible and forced Tony back into old suits for a time.

6 Recorder 451

Recorder 451 surrounded by pieces of Iron Man's armor

Recorder 451 has inflicted great emotional pain on Tony Stark. 451 intended to use Tony as the pilot of a powerful armor known as the Godkiller. Though Tony had no intention of helping, 451 gave him no choice — revealing he could hack into Stark’s armor.

Worse, Recorder 451 could control Tony’s onboard computer AI, P.E.P.P.E.R., leaving him completely helpless. It was only in their last encounter that Stark overcame 451’s control. Though Tony couldn’t stop the Rigellian Recorder from hacking him, he created a completely closed off system that couldn’t be hacked by relying on worse tech.

5 Carnage

Carnage Taking Over The Iron Man Armor

Carnage’s ability to take over Iron Man is proof that Tony should never get too cocky. During one of Carnage’s rampages, Iron Man was on the scene to help reduce casualties and shut Carnage down.

When Carnage used the symbiote to take over someone else’s technology, Stark thought he’d be able to do the same. Though his plan worked at first, Carnage retaliated and began hacking his armor instead. Stark was only able to stop the process with help from Spider-Man and Shriek.

4 Absynthe

Iron Man Villain Absynthe bragging about how she hacked Tony Stark's armor

During the miniseries Iron Man: Hypervelocity by Adam Warren, Brian Denham, Guru eFX, and Dave Lanphear, Tony ran into a new problem with the Iron Man armor. Shortly after creating a new suit, he found himself attacked by a direct attack from a rail gun. Besides putting Tony out of action, it caused his back-up electronic brain — Tony 2.0 — to activate.

Moments later, Tony Stark learned that another program had infected the armor and was overwriting the code that made up Tony 2.0, intending to take over the armor for itself. Absinthe’s plan would’ve made her one of the most powerful evil robots around if she’d succeeded. However, Tony 2.0 rewrote his own circuitry to save himself, defeating Absynthe and her allies in the Beautiful Garbage, a group of failed human/A.I. uploads.

3 Tomoe

Iron Man Villain Tomoe using their powers against Tony Stark

Not everyone who hacks into Tony’s armor was a genius hacker or computer program. During one of his missions, Stark ran into the Inhuman Tomoe. After being hit with the Terrigen Mists, Tomoe gained the ability to control all technology with her mind.

With that tech, Tomoe took over not only Stark’s armor, but Rhodey’s War Machine armor as well. She was only defeated because Stark’s AI was prepared for her. Using a virus on her suits, Tony briefly shorted Tomoe’s powers out.

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2 Son of Ho Yinsen

Tony Stark Talking To Yinsen's Son

Unbelievably, the person who did the most damage hacking into Stark’s armor never had a name. Not long after Stark acclimated to having the Extremis in his system, he made a terrible discovery. Someone had hacked into his body, taking over both it and the armor. Bypassing Stark’s consciousness, the hacker used Stark to work through a hit list.

Later, Stark learned the person responsible was Ho Yinsen’s son. Rather than wanting revenge for Yinsen though, the son sought vengeance on the men responsible for killing his mother, and used Stark to do it. In the end, a sniper took Yinsen’s son out. Because he’d connected himself to a dead man’s switch Yinsen’s son’s death activated several other armors to wreak havoc. Stark had no choice but to destroy several of his best armors to keep the world safe.

1 Mandarin

The Mandarin in the comics puts forward a fist wearing the Ten Rings

Leave it to Mandarin to come up with a way to make Stark accept his own hacking. After forcing himself to drink again during the Fear Itself event, someone exposed Tony being drunk while piloting the armor. Already in trouble with the military, Stark had to wear a device that granted the military control over his armor and repulsor engine.

Despite the military supposedly controlling the armor, in reality, it’s Mandarin who controlled both the armor and Stark. To get back control of his repulsor tech, Stark decided to destroy his armor. Later, Tony hacked into his own systems to grant himself control over his body once more.


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