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Everyone comments on parenting, this strategy will work | #parenting | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey | #hacking | #aihp

Although there is an old saying, live and let live, but in today’s world this saying has no meaning. Every day everyone is criticizing someone or the other. It is not that the critic is only outside, but sometimes even inside the house, they repeatedly make you feel that you are wrong. There is advice given that may not be necessary. Especially new parents often have to face all these things.

New parents may hear some things or advice that they do not understand whether it is true advice or they are being judged for doing wrong parenting. As you must have also heard that many times relatives or acquaintances ask parents, ‘Does your child wear diapers yet?’ ‘Do you still bottle milk your babies?’ ‘Why is your baby so skinny?’ Such things make parents worried. Many times parents start feeling that it is probably their fault, perhaps they are raising their child in the wrong way. In such a situation, many questions come in the mind and it is bound to get angry along with it. So it is important for you to understand the difference between right advice and criticism, so that you can handle the matter in the right way.

learn to differentiate

You have to learn to differentiate between genuine advice given by people and judgmental made to humiliate. Many a times outsiders give us good advice and we can be let down for wrong parenting at home. That is why it is important that you understand the difference between these two and choose the right way to deal with them.


You have to consider whether it was you who asked people for advice. Do you only want people to give you advice? If this is not the case and you do not need people’s advice, then you can lovingly convey this to people without hurting anyone, that you do not need advice.

think before you respond

Due to repeated criticism, you may have started giving wrong feedback. Whenever someone gives you advice, before giving any kind of feedback, think about whether this advice really works for me or is just a way of humiliating. Only after understanding this, give any kind of feedback.

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Criticism on Sensitivity

Raising children is a very difficult task anyway. In such a situation, if one has to face repeated criticism regarding the upbringing of children, then perhaps the frustration increases. If this topic is very sensitive for you, then you have to tell the critic that you feel bad about it so that the other person understands your feelings and does not talk to you on the subject.

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It is the nature of man to give advice to each other and at times to degrade others, it also makes them feel empowered. In such a situation, the best way is to listen to people’s words and forget. Do what you think is right for your child. The best way to avoid criticism is to ignore it.

Learn from your mom and dad to take good care of children even in less money, these qualities will come to your work

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