Part 3 – Evidence Of WannaCry Ransomware Mastermind

Below you will see 3 of the Phishing websites run by the group behind the WeCry Ransomware attack.  The websites are, and   Each of this sites are fake sites designed to steal clients information.




2.  If you call the 800-212-2022 on the website of this is what you will get:



If you call at the number they advertise at the website (800-491-3022) this is what you will get:


3. claims that they have an office in Houston, Texas, and the name of their parent company.  This address is not their address. They used a made up address.  Notice the company name Futuristic Internet Services, LLC



4.  Below show the links between the companies.

A. Both websites are running on the exact same servers.

B. Ask PC Experts has the same company name as you see on

C. There is know street address.

5. Proof from the Secretary of State of New York that there has never been a Futuristic Internet Services, LLC in New York.


6.  This is the Skype number they used, when they called our on May 7th, 2016.



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